5 Reasons Content Creation is the Missing Piece to your Marketing Strategy

Don't be that guy (business).


There’s a debate afoot. To focus on content, or to not focus on content. That is the question. Some people seem to think that they can get by without a solid footing in the foundation of exclusive content. We don’t think that’s the case.

Think about it. As humans, we like the idea of tangible, real-life things. Go figure. And for a digital business, the closest thing we have to that is our online “home base”. The place that feels like “us.” And to have a really solid sense of that home, we need to be offering regular, high quality content. And we’re going to give you five good reasons why.


1. It builds YOUR brand
People know you by what you produce. And we recommend offering yourself (as opposed to your company) in your content. Think about it. If your company goes under, any of the content you created under that name goes with it. But if your creativity, your very self, is all done under your name, all of that content can come with you to the next endeavor. And the next. And the next. 

You have to believe in yourself more than you believe in your company, and create content that matters to YOU. Periscope, podcasts, design, photo content and blogs, the list goes on, but remember that your customers want to connect with the human behind the product. Give them YOU and they’ll return the favor.

2. You become an authority in your niche

Somehow, you need to establish yourself as an authority, as a GO-TO source for your particular niche. People are bombarded with information on the internet. They don’t listen to the vague voices anymore. So that requires two things: You know your stuff. Don’t pretend to be an expert. That strategy may work for some, but ultimately will leave your customers with a hollow feeling and they’ll be unlikely to return. Do the work, and get good at what you do. And then keep getting better. You sound like you know your stuff. Have a voice. Have a vision. And make sure that your content does a good job of communicating that.

 3. Content Creation is used throughout the sales process

This seems like common sense, but we are often surprised how many people don’t get it. Let’s go through it. Think about what draws you toward anything. It’s not the words, or the pictures, or the price point on it’s own. It’s the connection. It’s the way the service or product can become a part of you and your own story. It’s about the mixing of stories, of meanings. And so with this in mind, remember that not only are you offering a product, but you’re offering a meaning. A way of seeing the world. And that’s as simple and as difficult as being yourself through your prefered way of presentation. 



4. Content Educates

You are your own commercial. When delivering quality content, drop some information in about what you have to offer in other ways. Combine the two. Get creative. If you’re doing it right, you believe in what you’re selling, and ideally, you use it in your own life. Get out there into the world and do some living. Just do it with your business in mind. And get good at telling THAT specific story. Make it matter. We can help.

5. Longer Customer Retention

When someone knows you, rather than just your product or business, they are exponentially more likely to stick around. That’s why podcasts are such good sources of content. It’s an unlimited format for allowing your following into your life. People support their friends. Endeavor to treat your customers with that same level of respect and value, and it will pay off.