The Mapped Team.


Thayer Evan Janes

Owner & Project Manager

A graduate from The University of Montana, with degrees in marketing and entertainment management, Thayer has succeeded in a variety of occupations and challenges, exercising his learned skills in business development, project management, web design and social media marketing. Creativity and ambition, however, cannot be taught, and Thayer exercises these talents regularly in his pursuit of perfection for a growing list of appreciative business clients.  

"The best thing about digital media marketing," says Thayer, "is my passion for the success of our business partners, and the satisfaction I get from contributing to that success."
When Thayer isn't behind his laptop he finds time to fly-fish with his dog Nelson, ski Montana's snowy peaks, surfing where he can find waves, and seeking new adventures and experiences in foreign, far-away lands.


Allyson Seitzler

SEO Expert & Website Developer

Allyson has over 17 years of experience in Internet marketing, SEO, and website development. Allyson received her Bachelor’s in Marketing and has 15 years of project and program management experience in the software and website development and industries. Her prior work experience includes projects with Adobe, Microsoft, Google, EBay, PayPal, and Skype on various development projects.

Emily Etchart

Social Media Manager & Content Creator

Emily graduated from the University of Montana with a degree in Communications and a minor in Journalism. After interning at Deep Focus Advertising Agency in New York City and managing the social media accounts for the University of Montana's University Relations Department Emily continued her expertise as the Marketing Coordinator for a large salon and Medical spa in San Diego. She is now back in Montana and excited to be a part of the growing company here in Bozeman! When she's not working, she enjoys traveling, listening to podcasts, running, or doing yoga. 


Thomas Caywood Vincent


Thomas is a Cinematographer, Director, and Editor. He loves every aspect of visual storytelling; from the most basic idea to a final finished product. The challenge to tell a story through the medium of media is what drives his passion and today the possibilities are endless when it comes to film making. He has been lucky enough to pursue his craft while traveling to some of the most exotic places around the world and still have the privilege to call Montana home.


Kaylee Litle

Designer & brand Manager

Kaylee is the Designer behind Kindling Design where she explores creative problem solving and the art of storytelling through print, branding and web design. Some services include include publication design, hand-lettering, product design & development, and even event planning. Her hands-on approach and attention to detail are what fuel her creative process and what ultimately bring people together.


Kris Drummond

BLOGGER & Copywriter

Kris Drummond is a writer, editor, and photographer hailing from Bozeman, Montana. A lifelong love for Nature has taken him around the world, following - in the words of William Stafford - "the golden thread" of his life as he continues to serve the muses of creativity and compassion. Drawing upon years of travel, teaching, writing, and self-study, Kris brings a unique vision to each project, integrating his voice with client's goals to produce original and noteworthy results.